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Software » eQuizPro Friday, September 22, 2017
FREE Web.Config ASP.NET Editor is restructuring

eQuizPro is a quizing and testing web application developed on the ASP platform. It offers complete back-end administration of quizzes, courses, classes and Students.

Screenshot of Version 2 Summary Report

  • Dynamic web based generation of quizzes. No need for designing or programming any web pages.
  • Administration for quiz creation. You can create quizzes with UNLIMITED questions and with 5 possible answers on each question.
  • UNLIMITED number of quizzes that can be created.
  • UNLIMITED number of Students.
  • UNLIMITED number of courses.
  • UNLIMITED number of classes.
  • Secure coding prevents visitors to the site from attempting to take the quiz more then once.
  • Dynamically generated, informative reports for quiz administrators, plus the ability of generating reports based on question categories to determine which category(s) needs more focused training.
  • Includes pre-configured MS Access database and easily transferable to MS SQL Server.
  • It has been extensively field-tested running on IIS/WinNT and MS SQL Server 7.
  • Emailing of results to students and administrators using ASPMail, JMail, or CDONTS formats.
  • Completely customizable in HTML editors like Macromedia Dreamweaver. Modifiable Header and Footer file.
  • User Self-Registration with 'Username' and 'Password'.
  • Collecting quiz participant's email, and sending results by email to quiz authors.
  • Statistics of previous participants' performance and determine where problem areas are for more focused studying and training.
  • Top scorers list and score.
  • Multi-course select.
  • MS SQL Server table scripts.
  • Time tested, with over 6 years. On the market & used since the mid-90s. Developed in the early 90s as a high school project.

Please NOTE: Demo currently not available.

To try the demo thoroughly:
  • Login to the Administration area with:
    • USERNAME = Admin Admin
    • PASSWORD = tech33
  • Register yourself as a student.
  • Then enroll yourself into courses of your choice (I recommend Information Technology since it has classes with quizzes).
  • Go back to the Student Login Screen and login using your own login, select the course of your choice (Information Technology recommended), and then select the class of your choice to view available quizzes (IT-101 recommended).
  • Then take some quizzes.
  • Once finished go back to the Administration area and check the available reports and your quiz results.
  • ALSO, try to create your own quizzes, courses, and classes.

For Commercial and Educational use. This software is only allowed to be installed on a single IIS server and SQL server. This will include future report forms and service packs.


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