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Software » Web Application Generator .NET Friday, September 22, 2017
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 Web Application Generator

Web Application Code Generator produces fully functional accrual-based 3 tier architecture in a ready to run ASP.NET 2.0 application. Web Application Code Generator is a software development tool for building ASP.NET 2.0 web applications on a generated .NET 2.0 API. This tool will help you create web applications and components from your database structure much quicker than programming everything manually. This is a Rapid Application Development (RAD) tool.

Point Web Application Code Generator to one of your databases and then click "Generate" to build a sophisticated application with reusable controls and lots of code. There is no need to write ASP.NET, C# or SQL code. .

Generated Features
  • Produces up to 100% of reusable code depending the complexity of your project
  • Industry standard 3 tier architecture
  • Implemented Accrual data structure & Data Access Layer (DAL) - Excellent for financial systems and data auditing
  • Use of Data Tables and Collections
  • SQL stored procedures
  • Excellent unique relationship mapping UI representation
  • Excellent table manager ASP.NET controls
    • Table grid view
    • Add / Edit /Delete
    • Related items tree view
    • Text Search
    • Drop-down data filtering
    • Display properties
    • Data type specific controls
  • Microsoft Visual Studio.NET 2005 Solution generated. Opens also in Web Developer Express 2005
  • Compatible with Microsoft SQL Server 2005 and 2000
  • Generated code utilizes NEW .NET 2.0 features
  • Well structured folder layout adhering to .NET 2
  • Excellent for building database specific administrative web interfaces

Who Benefits

  • Beginners/Students by being a starter kit for application development and by providing excellent sample database schemas that can be generated into applications.
  • Developers by reducing their manual coding
  • SQL Administrators by adding a web interface to their databases
  • Project Managers from increased productivity

Versus Competitors

  • PRICE! We beat competing software by hundreds to thousands of dollars.
  • Faster and better structured than most.
  • Simplicity! There's nothing complicated about this tool. Many competing products are extremely complicated and require a huge amount of time learning where that time should be better spent on programming. This tool makes your life easier not complicated.

Design your database using best industry standard database modeling with any SQL design tool such as Microsoft's SQL Server Enterprise Manager which comes with SQL server or use the free Web Developer Express 2005 , Visual Studio 2005 or Microsoft Visio. You can also use a text editor to do this by typing the SQL code. Sample database schemas are included.

Select your Server and Database using the dropdown menus provided and click NEXT.

Select the Output options you wish and click GENERATE.

The process is displayed in the status window and notifies you when it's finished.

Generated Application Demo

Click Here For DEMO sample 1
Click Here For DEMO sample 2
Click Here For DEMO sample 3

Generated Application Screenshots

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The structure of the output application is structured in the industry standard 3 tier application architecture.

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